Congratulations, Captain Knott!

Captain Knott has just completed the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative (NPLI) at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Executive Education. Captain Knott holds the honor of the only Pennsylvania municipal police officer to be accepted to this highly competitive, limited and prestigious program where entry is granted based on professional achievement and organizational responsibility. NPLI’s mission is to equip leaders with skills, knowledge, and abilities required to effectively lead during crisis in the 21st century in high stakes, high pressure situations.

Admission is limited to 50 students, including International students, and the applicant is required to submit six compositions for consideration and once accepted, a Meta-Leadership Project Idea Concept paper prior to course work. The program requires a 7-month commitment including two one-week sessions at Harvard University, bi-weekly conference calls, team meetings on location of project study, independent work and presentation at the conclusion to Harvard faculty.

Captain Knott worked with fellow Cohorts including three Admirals from the US Coast Guard, Deputy Chief of Centers for Disease Control and Chief of Operations for National Intelligence. The team worked diligently to present project work depicting the process to raise leadership capacity to mobilize unity of mission and operational success. The work outlines how to lead across jurisdictional boundaries, exercising influence beyond authority, to strengthen connectivity of effort.

This accomplishment rounds out Captain Knott’s long list of distinguished accomplishments including two Master Degrees, Department of Homeland Security Fellowship assigned to National Counterterrorism Center, Leadership Fellow at FBI Academy Leadership Development Institute, and Counterterrorism Analyst at Defense Intelligence Agency.


Captain Karl Knott