The Right-to-Know Officer for CBRPD is Chief Donnelly.  The Standard Right-to-Know form can be obtained by clicking the link below.  The form may be submited by mail or in person.  There is a $15 service fee for each report.  Payment should be made if/when the request is approved.

Within five business days of receipt of the request, CBRPD will respond in one of the following ways:

- grant the request and provide the record
- deny the request in whole or in part; cite the  
  reason for the denial and outline the appeals
- invoke a 30 calendar-day extension

All records in possession of the CBRPD shall be presumed to be a public record, unless:

- the record is exempt under Section 708
- the record is protected by a privilege
- the record is exempt under any other federal or
  state law or judicial order or decree

CLICK HERE Right-to-Know Request

Right-to-Know Request

Special Event/Parade Application

If you are planning a special event, parade, or block party you will need to print and complete the Special Event Application by clicking on the link below.  The application must be presented to CBRPD at least two (2) months prior to the event.  All events go through an approval process.  Once your event has been reviewed, it may be deemed necessary to contract for police services (i.e., traffic control, crowd control) for the event.  The Sergeant in charge of your event will be in contact with you to work out the details.

CLICK HERE Doylestown Special Event Application

CLICK HERE Chalfont Special Event Application

Each Borough has their own ordinance regarding alarms.  CLICK on applicable Borough name below to see ordinance information.

Chalfont Borough

Doylestown Borough

New Britain Borough

Alarm Registration Forms

CLICK on applicable Borough below for the alarm form.

Chalfont Borough

Doylestown Borough

New Britain Borough

House Vacation Check

Leaving home for a period of time?  Let CBRPD know your plans.  Officers, as time permits, will drive by your home keeping an eye out for you while you are away.  There is no cost to you for this service.  Click on the link below to contact us and include your name, address, phone, departure date, return date, lights on in the house, cars in the driveway, and a keyholder name/phone in the area.  Have a great vacation!

Contact Us


Solicitation Permits

Each of the Boroughs that CBRPD serves has their own ordinance regarding Solicitation within their Borough's boundaries. CLICK on the name below of  the borough  in which you  would like to solicit for their Solicitation Ordinance. 

Chalfont Borough - permits are managed by CBRPD, see below

Doylestown Borough - permits are managed by Doylestown Building and Zoning

New Britain Borough - permits are managed by CBRPD, see below

CBRPD manages Solicitation Permits for Chalfont and New Britain Boroughs. Please be sure to review the Information Sheet for all pertinent information and fee schedule.


As a resident of Chalfont Borough, if you would prefer to not have solicitors knock on your door, you can register your name/address here to be added to the Do Not Knock list.

Chalfont Borough Information for Solicitation

Chalfont Borough Solicitation Permit Application


New Britain Borough Information for Solicitation 

New Britain Borough Solicitation Permit Application