The Central Bucks Regional Police Commission is the responsible authority governing, managing, operating and administering the Central Bucks Regional Police Department through a joint board appointed by the Boroughs of Chalfont, Doylestown, and New Britain.  The police department's sworn police officers and civilian personnel shall be under the direct supervision of the Regional Police Chief, James Donnelly.


  • Chairman, Ron Strouse (Doylestown Borough)
  • Vice Chairman, John Abbott (Chalfont Borough)
  • Secretary, Peter LaMontagne (New Britain Borough)
  • Member, John Engel (Chalfont Borough)
  • Member, Robyne Kelemen, (New Britain Borough)
  • Alternate Member, Noni West (Doylestown Borough)
  • Alternate Member, Brian Wallace (Chalfont Borough)
  • Alternate Member, David Holewinski (New Britain Borough)

The Police Commission meeting is open to the public. Meetings are held monthly at 7:00 PM at the location noted for each month, except for the Jan. and Feb. meetings which will begin at 7:30 PM.

2018 Meetings (detailed location info below):

Jan. 18 (CB); Feb. 8 (DB); Mar. 26 (NB); Apr. 23 (DB); May 24 (CB); Jun. 25 (NB); July 23 (DB); Aug. 27 (CB); Sep. 24 (NB); Oct. 22 (DB); Nov. 26 (NB); Dec. 20 (CB)

Note the locations are: CB -  Chalfont Borough Municipal Bldg, 40 N. Main St., Chalfont; DB -  Doylestown Borough Municipal Bldg., 57 W. Court St., Doylestown; NBB - New Britain Borough Burkhart Hall, 56 Keeley Ave., New Britain.

Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission's function is to prescribe, amend and enforce rules and regulations for the examination for positions in the police department and promotions, which rules and regulations shall prescribe the minimum qualifications of all applicants.  The Commission is also responsible for oversight of disciplinary actions within the police department.

Members are appointed by the Central Bucks Regional Police Commission.  The Civil Service Commission meets as necessary.


  • Chairman, Lou White (Doylestown Borough)
  • Vice Chairman, Dennis McCauley (Doylestown Borough)
  • Member, Margaret Remmey (New Britain Borough)

Police Commission


  • Alternate Member, Greg Bustamante (Chalfont Borough)
  • Alternate Member, Susan Madian (Doylestown Borough)
  • Alternate Member, Charla Bendas (New Britain Borough)

                              Current Agenda