Central Bucks Regional Police Department has a well-deserved reputation
for its high standards and dedicated service to the community.

Police Officer Testing Announcement

Police Officer applicants are required to participate in a comprehensive hiring process, including but not limited to, a complete background check, psychological assessment, voice stress test and/or polygraph examination, physical and drug screening.

To participate in the hiring process, you must have completed the State-mandated Act 120 training.  Applicants must also have passed the test associated with the training.

Those who are successful in meeting the hiring requirements and passing all examinations can look forward to a rewarding career opportunity with excellent pay and benefits, as well as the advantage of working in an agency that values it's members.

While we are not always actively engaged in the testing process, anyone having interest may call to inquire.

Other Employment Opportunities

There are no new job openings at this time.

Police Officer Applicants

There are no new openings at this time.

Bucks County Employment Opportunity

If you ever thought you'd like to become a Police Officer, the Bucks County Chief's of Police Association will now be accepting applications for entry level police officers. Applications must be completed no later than Friday, March 24, 2017. For more information and an application please click here to go to Bucks County Chief's of Police Association website.