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There is a Police Officer on duty at all times! 
If you need to speak with an Officer after business hours,
call Bucks County Radio Dispatch at 215-348-3524.
For Emergencies ONLY Dial 9-1-1

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CBRPD is investigating a retail theft that took place on August 23, 2016 at 11:20 AM, Giant Food Store located in Town Center, New Britain Borough.  Taken were over $130 in consumable items including several packs of Red Bull.  Anyone with information is asked call 215-345-4143 or e-mail police@cbrpd.net

CBRPD has made the decision to no longer print names in the police news posts. We feel the police news is a tool to alert our communities when and where crimes are occurring and it is not intended to incite gossip about individuals. CBRPD will print names when a subject may present a public danger.

ATTEMPTED BURGLARY - 9/13/2016 – two 25 year old males, of Chalfont and Doylestown, were arrested when officers were called to the 100 block of Lacey Avenue, Doylestown for an apparent attempted break-in. Bail was set at 10% of $10,000 for one and $50,000 unsecure for the other.

BURGLARY – a male, 22, Atlantic City, NJ was arrested for burglary of property from a dorm room at Delaware Valley University. The defendant entered an unlocked dorm room and stole two Xbox consoles, game remotes and one game that was in a console. Bail was set at 10% of $40,000.

THEFT FROM AUTO – 9/12/2016 – a male, 36, Doylestown, was arrested in Philadelphia for operating a stolen vehicle which was from Doylestown Township. At the time of the stop, the defendant was found to be in possession of a wallet and other property of a Doylestown Borough resident. There will be additional charges.

PUBLIC DRUNKENESS – 09/11/2016 - a male, 28, Doylestown, was cited for PD when police were called to a business in the tens block of N. Main Street, Doylestown for a notably intoxicated man kept entering the business and causing a disturbance.

THEFT – 9/11/2016 – a male, 31, Far Rockaway, NY, and a juvenile male, were arrested for theft of property from the donation bin located at Town Center, New Britain. The value of the property is over $200.

DISORDERLY CONDUCT – 9/10/2016 - a female, 32, Doylestown, was cited for DC when responded to a call for a domestic dispute in the 100 block of Harvey Avenue.

ANIMAL NUSIANCE – 9/9/2016 – a 21 year old male, New Britain, was issued a citation when his dog was reported to be a threat and no contained to his property.

THEFT – 9/9/2016 – a 65 year old male, Chalfont, will be charged by summons for the theft of property valued at $420 from a business in the 300 block of E. Butler Avenue, New Britain.

THEFT – 9/9/2016 – a theft of $400 cash was reported by a patron of a business in the 400 block of N. Main Street, Doylestown. The suspect is a female, African-American, about 5’4”, 50-60 years of age and heavyset. This is an ongoing investigation.

DOG LAWS – 9/9/2016 – 51 year old female, New Britain, was cited for dangerous dog determination and confinement and control of dog after an officer was contacted by a resident that their dog had been attacked by the defendant’s dog. There had also been a prior attack by the same dog.

PUBLIC DRUNKENESS – 9/8/2016 – 53 year old male, Chalfont, was cited for PD when officers were called to Town Center, New Britain Borough, for an intoxicated person.

PUBLIC DRUNKENESS – 9/4/2016 – a 35 year old male, Pipersville, was cited for PD when officers were called to the corner E. Oakland and Pine Streets, Doylestown for two naked males.

HARASSMENT – 9/4/2016 – a 61 year old male, Doylestown, was cited for harassment when officers were called to the first block of Stacey Drive, Doylestown for an assault situation.

DISORDERLY CONDUCT – 9/4/2016 – a 35 year old male, Doylestown, was cited for DC when police were called to a business in the 30 block of N. Main Street, Doylestown, for a fight in progress.

PUBLIC DRUNKENESS and DISORDERLY CONDUCT – 9/3/2016 – 31 year old male, Doylestown, was cited for PD and DC when an on-duty officer was flagged by an employee of a business in the 10 block of N. Main Street, Doylestown to assist with the male who was fighting with them.

MOTOR VEHICLE THEFT – 9/3/2016 – a resident of the 70 block of E. State Street, Doylestown reported the theft of his white Ford F250 V10 truck from his driveway. The vehicle was unlocked and the keys were inside. Along with the loss of the vehicle were personal possessions and work equipment valued at $3000 that were in the vehicle. Under further investigation.

DISORDERLY CONDUCT – 9/2/2016 - a 52 year old male, Chalfont, was cited for DC when an officer observed him urinating on the side of a business in the 100 block of W. State Street, Doylestown.

THEFT – 9/1/2016 - a resident of New Britain Borough reported the theft of their license plate from their vehicle while parked at an auto repair shop in the borough. Under further investigation.


PRESS RELEASE - Body-Worn Camera Pilot Program
The Body-Camera Collaboration announces the launch of an estimated 90-day trial period for body-worn cameras (BWCs).  The pilot program will begin on July 27, 2016.  The BWCs will be deployed in Chalfont Borough, Doylestown Borough, New Britain Borough, and Warminster Township.

In October 2015, Central Bucks Regional Police Department was awarded a grant from The Office of Justice Programs, BJA to form a collaboration of eight law enforcement agencies in Bucks County to implement BWCs.   The Collaboration has met on a monthly basis to explore the suitability and feasibility of BWCs.  A community survey was conducted in December 2015 returning positive feedback from the public regarding the deployment of BWCs.  Research conducted included companies and equipment, best practices for storage of the data and a comprehensive protocol and policy for the application of BWCs.  The Collaboration consisted of representatives from each law enforcement agency and the Bucks County District Attorney’s office.

Once the trial phase has been completed and evaluated, the Collaboration will make adjustments, if any, and proceed to full deployment, in October 2016, which include the following jurisdictions:  Boroughs of Chalfont, Doylestown, and New Britain, Townships of Lower Southampton, Northampton, Plumstead, Warminster, Warrington, and the Bucks County Sheriff’s Department.

Please see the Body Worn Camera Policy here.

CBRPD has launched a property identification program developed to aid in the prevention of crime and identification of personal property in the event that a loss occurs.

The program involves engraving property with an identifying number and displaying a CBRPD window decal to discourage burglary and theft and show your participation in the program.

Residents of the Boroughs of Chalfont, Doylestown, and New Britain wishing to participate in the program should come to the police station and fill out a form to borrow an engraver (free of charge) for a period of three days.  Keep an inventory list, in your possession, of all engraved items.

Once the engraver is returned, CBRPD will issue a window decal advising all items of value in your premises have been marked for positive identification for law enforcement agencies.

Stop by and pick up an engraver today!